Computer Buying Guide

Looking for a new computer? This guide tells you everything you need to know.

Ready to buy a new computer? Check out this computer buying guide to make sure you get what you actually need. Sometimes we have time to plan for a new computer–for instance, maybe you’ve been decluttering old technology knowing you were going to buy something new. But sometimes the need for a new computer can … Read more

20+ Awesome Educational Tech Resources for Kids

With the novel coronavirus dominating the news and schools nationwide being cancelled, many parents are finding themselves “homeschooling” for the first time ever… and are turning to educational tech to keep their kids occupied. Maybe you’ve been trying to reduce screen time but are loosening up the screen time rules a bit while your kids … Read more

Screen-Free Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Looking to get the kids away from their screens and engaging with the family this Thanksgiving? Check out this list of fun screen-free Thanksgiving activities for kids! I love Thanksgiving–it’s one of those holidays that people don’t seem to think about a lot… Or at least, retailers would prefer to squeeze it out with Halloween … Read more

How to Reduce Screen Time (without Losing Your Sanity)

Poor sleep. Obesity. Aggression. ADHD. Poor school performance. And negative effects on language and cognitive development. I love technology, but with correlations like these (and all these reasons for limiting screen time), I have become very, very careful about how much screen time my children get. When my son was a toddler I was less … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Screen Time Rules, with Tips and Age-Based Guidelines

Screen time rules will vary depending on your family's personality and needs. Here's how you can make rules that stick.

There’s a whole lot of guilt built in to modern parenting. No matter what we choose to do as parents, someone somewhere is probably going to criticize it. It’s no different for screen time rules. You know there are reasons to limit screen time. You know screen time rules are important, but where do you … Read more

How to Use Trello (A Review of the Popular Productivity Tool)

Trello makes it easy to get organized.

Modern technology offers an abundance of options for getting your life organized and staying on track. I love using OneNote for my bullet journal and find it makes a very effective to-do list. But another popular alternative is Trello. My husband first introduced me to Trello a few years ago–he uses it to collaborate with … Read more

29 Awesome DIY Charging Stations for All Your Tech

diy multi-device family charging stations

When your bedroom becomes a no-phone zone, you might find yourself sleeping better. But having a central charging location helps more than just your sleep–it can also be an excellent way to monitor your children’s phone usage and build family connectedness (when you’re not all being distracted by your tech). Whether your family rule is … Read more