Free 5-Day Internet Safety Challenge

Are you one step away from digital disaster?

Are you ready for simple action to protect yourself and your family online?

We moms would move mountains to protect our families, and it shows. We clean up messes. We lock our doors. We keep dangerous items and valuables out of reach of the kids. We obsess over how long to keep our kids in car seats and the best way to feed them.

But sometimes we forget that our digital lives can be just as important for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

Join me on my free 5-day Internet security challenge. Through a series of 5, easy-to-read emails with specific action steps you can take right away, you’ll learn

  • how to keep hackers out of your online accounts
  • how to make sure your social media posts stay out of the hands of creeps and weirdos
  • how to use your web browser safely and keep yourself from being spied on
  • how to keep from losing those precious pictures and important documents stored on your computer

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