The Screen Time Blueprint

Decrease Screen Time.

Increase Independence.

End overwhelm with a screen time plan that works for your family using

The Screen Time Blueprint Course for parents of 0-5 year olds.

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YOU can parent confidently in a digital world.

You just need the resources to show you how. The Screen Time Blueprint will give you the confidence and framework you need to make a screen time plan that sticks.

The Screen Time Blueprint Gives You…


  • Get the strategies you need for making smart decisions


  • Have a roadmap for making screen time rules that will help your child become a smart, kind human being

Time Freedom

  • Teach your child independence WITHOUT screen time
  • Tackle your to-do list… and still connect with your kids

We’ve All Been There…

It’s 11:45 AM and your 2 year old’s “professionally recommended” hour of screen time is already up.

She’s watched 2 episodes of Mickey Mouse–one while you were teaching an online class and her dad was showering. Another so that you could shower and get ready.

And you can already tell that the day is going to beĀ awesome because of it. She’s now screaming at you to crawl on the floor and play peekaboo with her…

And you’re just trying to fix lunch.

Can’t a mom catch a break?

You find yourself wondering, “How did I get here?”

It seems like it has to be possible to reduce your child’s screen time and increase their independence so you can still get things done.

You know that too much screen time is supposed to be bad for her mental development.

But it just doesn’t seem practical to cut back.

How else will you get anything done? Wouldn’t life just fall apart without screen time?

How much screen time is really too much for toddlers, preschoolers, or older children? How do you keep screen time from becoming a battle?

There’s so much information to navigate and it’s just so overwhelming.

In The Screen Time Blueprint, you will learn how to create a screen time plan that works for your unique family.

You will learn how to make smart, confident choices about your child’s screen time.

Ditch the overwhelm and navigate screen time with confidence.

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Here’s how we’ll do it

End screen time battles.

Feel confident that what your child is watching is helping her grow into a smart, good, and kind human being.

Feel educated, confident, capable, and connected to your kids.

create your unique plan

Every family is different with different priorities. You will learn how to factor unique personalities into your screen time plan so that your plan works for your unique family.

make your plan stick

No more planning out what you’ll do and then realizing five months later it’s fallen to the wayside. You’ll learn strategies for making your plans stick–without tantrums.

teach your child more independence

Learn effective strategies for helping your kids be independent without screen time–so you can still get things done.

What’s inside

Understand the dangers

Protect your kids from the dangers of too much screen time.

Understand the benefits

Help your kids use screen time in ways that will help them learn and grow.

Create your family’s unique screen time plan

Use the included workbook to create a realistic screen time plan that your family can actually stick to.

Compile your screen time resource list

Never wonder what your child will watch again–you’ll have a list of appropriate videos and apps that you know are good for your kid.

Model good screen time habits

Be a good role model so your kids will learn from what you do as well as what you say.

Reset the stage

Break screen-time addiction and get ready for what’s next.

Enforce your plan and keep your kids safe

Eliminate screen time battles and keep your kids safe online.

Regain your time

Encourage independence without screen time so that you can increase your own productivity.

Who am I?

I’ve earned a master’s degree in computer security and worked for several years as a professional researcher and developer.

I’m also a mom of a toddler and a preschooler, so I know personally how important this topic is.

I know kids and computers.

And I’ve done a ton of research into screen time and how it affects little ones.

The Screen Time Blueprint is a neatly packaged form of all that research that will help you to parent confidently in our digital world.

Do you really need this?

You could learn everything you need to know by doing the research yourself… or you could let me help you.

I’ve already done the research and put it in an easily digestible form.

These are the years when your toddler or preschooler is forming their understanding of the world.

The strategies in this curriculum will help you guide your child in learning and establishing habits that will go with them for the rest of their life.

As your child gets older, it will only get harder to put effective strategies into place.

The longer you wait, the longer you are without a plan.

The longer you’re left wondering if the decisions you’re making are the right ones and how they may be affecting your child’s development.

NOW is the time for them to learn appropriate boundaries and expectations for screen time.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you go through the entire curriculum within 30 days and feel like it hasn’t helped you to create a screen-time plan that works for your family, I will refund your entire purchase cost.

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