One Engineer’s Hilarious Tech Solution for Deterring Package Theft

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Have you ever waited eagerly for a package only to find it had been stolen? Especially around the holidays, package theft is a big deal.

Check out this engineer’s hilarious solution to deterring package thieves… or at least giving them an experience they’ll never forget!

When he couldn’t get local authorities to do anything about his stolen packages–even with video evidence–Mark Rober took matters into his own hands and created an elaborate glitter + GPS tracking + stink bomb package and uploaded the thieves’ reactions when they discovered what the package really held.

Most of us don’t have the time, know-how, or resources on hand to make quite such an elaborate solution… But I bet he could make a killing if he made a real product out of this!

Would you buy one?

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If you've got package thieves you want to scare away, you'll appreciate this engineer's ingenious solution. Though most of us probably lack the resources to make an exact replica, this video will have you laughing and get your mental gears turning to make your own solution!

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