Minority Report

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Recently people at work have been talking about the movie Minority Report in reference to this story. In a nutshell, Nordstrom is using your phone’s attempts to connect to WiFi access points in order to pinpoint which departments you’re spending time in–rather like the personalized ads that bombard the inhabitants of the Minority Report world. (Side note: can you even imagine singing cereal boxes? That would drive me crazy.)

Anyway, since neither of us had seen the movie before (hubs had seen only the first few minutes of it), and we’re both always up for a good futuristic sci-fi flick, we decided to rent it tonight on Amazon. Very interesting movie, though Jordan brought up a good point–why is it that the murder scenes are so shadowy, so that the Precrime agents have to spend precious time analyzing the images for details, yet the names of the victims, killers, and time of murder are available almost immediately and with apparently perfect precision?

What do you think? Have you seen the movie? Can you think of a good explanation for the apparent discrepancy?

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