Is YouTube a Safe Place for Kids?

YouTube can be a weird and scary place for kids, but it's still possible to make it safer when you follow certain precautions. Here's some fact-checking on the most recent news about YouTube content on kids videos.

You’ve probably seen the posts going around social media about the horrible content that’s cropping up in seemingly innocent videos for kids on YouTube. A child will be watching a cartoon when suddenly the content turns darker–it may be the cartoon characters themselves engaging in violent or sexual behavior, or it may be a scary … Read more

6 Things You Need to Do Right Now to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Sometimes it feels like the Internet owns us. Practically everything we do we can do online–our shopping, our interaction with friends, our research… We have accounts everywhere and could feasibly live almost our entire lives without ever leaving the house. (Not that it would be healthy to do so. But it would be possible.) With … Read more

How to Create a Secure Password

Creating secure passwords doesn't have to be hard. Here's how to create strong passwords and remember them, too.

Creating secure passwords is annoying, right? Like, how am I supposed to create a secure password with the right number of letters, numbers, symbols, and length… And then actually remember it, and the other one-hundred-thousand-million passwords I have, and every other little aspect of life that I’m supposed to remember as a mom?  I mean, … Read more