29 Awesome DIY Charging Stations for All Your Tech

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When your bedroom becomes a no-phone zone, you might find yourself sleeping better. But having a central charging location helps more than just your sleep–it can also be an excellent way to monitor your children’s phone usage and build family connectedness (when you’re not all being distracted by your tech).

Whether your family rule is that devices stay there overnight, or you decide to go more hardcore and keep devices at the charging station anytime you’re home, some sort of central location can help you create effective screen time rules, reduce screen time, limit the negative effects of too much screen time, and keep device addiction at bay.

If you’re ready to set up a multi-device charging station in your home, here are some of the best DIY options from around the web.

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1. Sum of Their Stories – Charging Station from Nail Polish Packaging

Simple, but effective. I love how she reused what others would consider trash to make something useful.

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2. One Good Thing – Shoebox Charging Station

More trash upcycling! This is a creative idea–turn an old shoebox into a charging station. Looks very simple and easy to follow.

3. Repurpose and Upcycle – Kitchen Drawer Charging Station

If you have a free drawer in your kitchen (or can free one up), this is a really easy solution for a central multi-device charging station. I like how using a kitchen cabinet keeps everything out of site but easily accessible.

4. An Inviting Home – Wall Charging Station

I love organization solutions that involve wall storage since I usually run out of floor and counter space long before I run out of wall space. I also feel like a room is less cluttered when the floors are clear.

This multi-device charging station from a Target shelf is a great solution if you have lots of devices to charge.

5. 100 Things 2 Do – Magazine Organizer Charging Station

This charging station from a pretty magazine holder offers plenty of room for charging larger devices, such as iPads.

6. A Coastal Bride – Planter Charging Station

Who else loved the Oriental Trading Company as a kid? This solution from Oriental Trading products is so clever and pretty. It will add a bit of flair sitting on your living room side table!

7. Tater Tots and Jello – Silverware Caddy Charging Station

This multi-device charging station from a silverware caddy is both pretty and functional. Nothing too complicated here.

8. A Piece of Rainbow – Pallet Charging Station

The pallets and vintage label of this multi-device charging station give it a casual farmhouse feel. The tutorial even includes free label downloads at the end.

9. Centsational Style – Decorative Box Charging Station

Turn a pretty box into a charging station. The nice thing about choosing a box that’s already decorative is that you don’t have to pretty it up yourself. In case, you know, you’re design challenged like me. Just choose one that has a design you already like.

10. Design Sponge – Vintage Suitcase Charging Station

This one is super fun! If you love an adventure, then check out this tutorial for turning an old suitcase into a place to charge all your tech. If the project looks too complicated for you, you can also buy one premade from the creator’s Etsy shop.

11. Lookie What I Did – Shadow Box Charging Station

This multi-device charging station is simple yet stylish and looks good on the kitchen counter. I like how she’s labeled each of the spaces. Easy way to stay organized!

12. Intelligent Domestications – Desk Organizer Charging Station

You’ll only be able to charge a couple of devices, but this DIY is fast and straightforward and gets the job done. It also keeps the devices on their sides to save counter space.

13. Happy Go Lucky Blog – Mail Organizer Charging Station

Another simple yet useful repurposing of office equipment. I’m looking around our family office with fresh eyes right now!

14. Driven by Decor – Letter Sorter Charging Station

This easy DIY from a letter sorter includes a tutorial for turning a regular wall outlet into a dedicated USB outlet. No need to mess with a power strip–just plug your devices right into the wall!

15. A Smith of All Trades – Tray Charging Station

Cut slots into the side of a tray and add a little decoupage for this pretty multi-device charging station tray.

16. High-Tech Dad – Locking Book Charging Station

If your kids sneak out of their rooms to retrieve their phones or tablets at night, take a cue from High-Tech Dad and lock the devices up in a book.

17. The DIY Mommy – Picture Frame Charging Station

The charging station in this DIY holds only two devices, but if you had a large enough picture frame, you could probably design it to hold more devices. What I like about this project is that it doubles as a tablet holder–so you can use it, say, as a cookbook in the kitchen, or to let your kids watch a video while you tend to something else.

18. Tidbits Cami – Wall Charging Station

This one requires you to be a bit more handy than some of the others, but the finished product is so pretty. The little cabinet is a handy cord-storage solution.

19. Jenna Sue Design – Basket Charging Station

If you like the idea of putting your charging station on the wall, this solution is really clever. Add shelves to a basket and mount it sideways on the wall. I’d add a power strip to make it a bit more functional.

20. Lil’ Luna – DIY Charging Station

This one is similar to the mail organizer solutions, but it’s completely DIY. Choose this option if you want to completely customize and are willing to put a little more work into assembling all the pieces.

21. Jen Woodhouse (Guest post by House Becoming Home) | Cabinet Charging Station

This cute custom charging cabinet looks great and has tons of room for all your devices.

22. Blue i Style – Ikea Moppe Charging Station

Who doesn’t love a good Ikea hack? This multi-device charging station includes minimalist Cricut labels on the drawers to keep cords and other tech accessories organized.

23. My Life and Kids – Ikea RÅSKOG Utility Cart Charging Station

Another Ikea hack! This utility cart makes a great charging station with very little effort.

24. & 25. Artsy Chicks Rule & Joyful Derivatives – Bread Box Charging Station

Have an old bread box lying around (or found one at a thrift store)? A little makeover can turn it into a super-cute charging station. Artsy Chicks Rule and Joyful Derivatives both have tutorials you can follow if you go this route.

26. & 27. Four Generations One Roof & Darling Doodles Design – Bread Box Charging Station with Shelf

More bread boxes–but with an added shelf. You’ll get space for more devices and better organization.

28. Engineer Your Space – Charging Station with Shelf and Cabinet

If you’re handy with tools, you can build this DIY multi-device charging station with a cabinet that hides all your cables and a shelf for putting your tech on when it’s charging. Would look great in any home!

29. Sawdust Girl – Mudroom Locker Charging Stations

These DIY mudroom built-ins include charging stations in each compartment. This is a great way to keep everybody’s devices separated by person but still all in one central location.

Love these DIY multi-device charging station ideas? Which one do you think you’ll use? I think the vintage suitcase one is my favorite.

Your family will sleep better, curb device addiction, and get along better when you're not on your phones all day and all night--and a family charging station is a great way to accomplish it. Here are the best DIY charging stations for the whole family.

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