4 Unique Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Technology

What do you do with your old technology when you've replaced it and moved on? Here are some unique ideas.

If you’ve decided to KonMari your house, you’ve probably come across some old technology that you’re no longer using–laptops, tablets, cellphones… What on earth should you do with them? They’re clearly no longer sparking joy, but you shouldn’t just toss them in the trash, right? While I was on the hunt for a new smartphone … Read more

STEM Clothing for Girls: An Interview with the Creator of STEM Stitchery

Have a budding scientist in your home and looking for cute, science-themed dresses with pockets? Want STEM clothing for girls that’s both pretty and functional? In college when I began taking programming classes in earnest and later as I entered the workforce, I had this unshakable feeling that I couldn’t express my femininity too strongly … Read more

Best Cheap Cellphone Plans of 2019 (And How to Choose the One That’s Perfect for You)

Looking to save money with a cheap cellphone plan? Look no further than this post that will give you the rundown and help you choose the plan that's right for you.

Looking for the best cheap cellphone plans? I tried a whole bunch of plans so you don’t have to… Read on for my comparison of the pros and cons. For my personal pick, take a look at the summary here: Review of: Mint Mobile I like easy-to-use mobile app great price “just works” on an … Read more

One Engineer’s Hilarious Tech Solution for Deterring Package Theft

Got package thieves you want to scare away? Here's one solution that will have you laughing and scheming how to make your own!

Have you ever waited eagerly for a package only to find it had been stolen? Especially around the holidays, package theft is a big deal. Check out this engineer’s hilarious solution to deterring package thieves… or at least giving them an experience they’ll never forget! When he couldn’t get local authorities to do anything about … Read more

6 Things You Need to Do Right Now to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Sometimes it feels like the Internet owns us. Practically everything we do we can do online–our shopping, our interaction with friends, our research… We have accounts everywhere and could feasibly live almost our entire lives without ever leaving the house. (Not that it would be healthy to do so. But it would be possible.) With … Read more

How to Create a Secure Password

Creating secure passwords doesn't have to be hard. Here's how to create strong passwords and remember them, too.

Creating secure passwords is annoying, right? Like, how am I supposed to create a secure password with the right number of letters, numbers, symbols, and length… And then actually remember it, and the other one-hundred-thousand-million passwords I have, and every other little aspect of life that I’m supposed to remember as a mom?  I mean, … Read more