Is YouTube a Safe Place for Kids?

YouTube can be a weird and scary place for kids, but it's still possible to make it safer when you follow certain precautions. Here's some fact-checking on the most recent news about YouTube content on kids videos.

You’ve probably seen the posts going around social media about the horrible content that’s cropping up in seemingly innocent videos for kids on YouTube. A child will be watching a cartoon when suddenly the content turns darker–it may be the cartoon characters themselves engaging in violent or sexual behavior, or it may be a scary … Read more

4 Unique Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Technology

What do you do with your old technology when you've replaced it and moved on? Here are some unique ideas.

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STEM Clothing for Girls: An Interview with the Creator of STEM Stitchery

Have a budding scientist in your home and looking for cute, science-themed dresses with pockets? Want STEM clothing for girls that’s both pretty and functional? In college when I began taking programming classes in earnest and later as I entered the workforce, I had this unshakable feeling that I couldn’t express my femininity too strongly … Read more

Best Cheap Cellphone Plans of 2019 (And How to Choose the One That’s Perfect for You)

Looking to save money with a cheap cellphone plan? Look no further than this post that will give you the rundown and help you choose the plan that's right for you.

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One Engineer’s Hilarious Tech Solution for Deterring Package Theft

Got package thieves you want to scare away? Here's one solution that will have you laughing and scheming how to make your own!

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